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20130408-151603.jpgI describe myself as a “traveler” so I think it’s time for me to start delving into that.

After getting delayed on a flight, missing my connecting flight and then being forced to wait 7 hours at SFO airport for the next one, I found my way to the USO Lounge.  It’s not luxurious like many of the ‘elitist’ airline lounges but it is a nice respite from sitting at a gate. To sum it up, I spent close to 5 hours chilling out on one of their leather recliners, using their reliable WIFI and snacking on the food. I even grabbed a few magazines to bring with me on the flight – one of which is the April 2013 copy of the Conde Nast Traveler.

Conde Naste is not a magazine I normally pick up (though I’m not sure why). This edition features a Grand Tour of Asia in 45 day through 12 countries. 12 countries that I would love to either visit or revisit. However, I can’t see myself going on a whirlwind adventure like that. These days, I find myself tapped out after spending 2 weeks away from home – must be part of the aging process!

I’ve seen the bulk of Europe thanks to my college study abroad experience in London. Living there enabled me to opportunistically take weekend trips that allowed me to see the continent the way I wanted to. Many college students backpack through Europe and I did a shortened version of that during my month long spring break but I realize it’s just too much to take in. I call it sensory overload. How can one truly appreciate the significance of another world-class museum, medieval church, or historic site after having just seen one a day or two ago in another city? Perhaps it’s different for everyone – different people experience culture and travel in different ways. That leads me to wonder what your style of travel is like?  Have you ever gone backpacking and was it enjoyable to city hop?


Romantic Country Chic Wedding in San Antonio – Reception (part 3)

This romantic country chic wedding had some great details that included the use of burlap runners, chalkboard programs and menus, a pink candy buffet, kraft paper thank you notes and welcome bags. For those of you who are ‘eco-conscious’, using a chalkboard is a great way to avoid the expense and the waste of all the paper that’s usually thrown away at the end of the night.

20130407-120337.jpgd&R blog

D&R Wedding-103


D&R Wedding-107

Cake cutting with the sword. D&R Wedding-117

d&r blog1

D&R Wedding-129

Doughnut plant weakness


I am back in NY for a few days to see the family and take care of a few things and ended up stopping by Doughnut Plant. Plant….not Planet. I’ve been referencing it wrong for at least a year when I finally got ‘learned’!

I don’t have a sweet tooth, not a bad one anyway, but if there is one form of sweetie goodness that I am a sucker for, it’s Doughnut Plant’s coconut cream donut. I got there too late the other day and they were sold out on my favorite so I settled on trying their other yeast donuts – creme brûlée, orange blossom cream, Meyer Lemon, PB and butter cream. The creme brûlée and orange blossom were both winners, though not as awesome as my coconut cream.

I tried a popular donut spot in San Jose and it didn’t even come close. It’s probably a good thing there isn’t a Doughnut Plant location near me. It’d do some serious damage to my currently out of shape self.


Professional all the way!

I Just Want It To Be Perfect

Duck advice wedding photographer

I Completely Agree With The Actual Advice Mallard.

Now this might strike you as the ultimate in self-serving advice, kind of like the arsonist selling you fire insurance, but please trust me.  I’ve written quite a bit about how to avoid the trap of spending your life savings and the college tuitions of your yet unborn children on your wedding, but photography is not a DIY subject.  Consider some scenarios that happen in real life:

Your cousin Curt has started taking photography classes at the local junior college. Good for Curt, but maybe not so good for you. Just because he has a class under his belt doesn’t make him a professional. There’s a lot more to shooting a wedding than pointing and clicking.  But he volunteers, and you think, “This is great!  Now we can spend more money on the party favors instead!” (see previous post).  Now Curt may…

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San Antonio garden wedding ceremony (part 2)

Military weddings rule! Sure, there’s the obvious fact that seeing our men dressed in uniform is awesome but there’s also a handful of other traditions like the sword arch that ends with the bride getting a tap with the sword on her backside, the cake cutting with the sword and in the case of US Naval Academy grads, ending the wedding by singing “Navy Blue & Gold”, their school song.

D&R Wedding-60

D&R Wedding-79

D&R Wedding-91

D&R Wedding-93

D&R Wedding-97

D&R Wedding-99Bourre, their bulldog, participated in the wedding as the flower girl. Unfortunately, you can’t see the pretty corsage that was on the other side of her neck.

Romantic Country Chic Wedding in San Antonio (part 1)

My husband & I attended the wedding of a dear friend of ours in San Antonio earlier this month.  The bride was so cool and laid back on her big day that I’d call her the antithesis of a bridezilla.  I witnessed her being super gracious to her hair and make up people and completely unfazed when the floral hairpiece wouldn’t clip and she was unable to use it.  I would describe her wedding as romantic country chic. Her bouquet had various shades of pinks and her bridesmaids were dressed in soft grey and green dresses.

Here are a some shots of the bride getting ready.

Blog D&R makeup

D&R Wedding-14

D&R Wedding-15

D&R Wedding-17

Blog D&R hair dress

D&R Wedding-26

Blog D&R bridesmaid

And some fun with the darth vader pinata to “take the edge off”

D&R Wedding-31

D&R Wedding-33

D&R Wedding-35

D&R Wedding-49

D&R Wedding-2And some last moments before saying “I DO”.

D&R Wedding-42

Destination wedding send off cards

bon voyage 1

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 5.55.45 PM

Since my wedding required international travel, I thought it would be nice to send out these trifold ‘bon voyage’ cards to all my guests. I made sure to do it only a couple weeks before the wedding because if you send it any earlier, there’s a good chance it’ll get lost somewhere.   I incorporated some quick facts on electricity, currency, language and cab fare to and from the airport.  I also made note of the wedding attire for guests, both for guys and girls.  I think the guys found it especially useful because we got some early questions on how formal or informal they should be  at a beach wedding.  Can they go barefoot?  Do they need a jacket?  Can they wear shorts?

You may already have all this information on your wedding website but guests will appreciate having something physical in their hands when they’re in the process of packing.

I used cream cardstock paper because I wanted it to withstand traveling in a suitcase or luggage.  I also opted to print double side and I made sure to keep it at one page (people tend to have short attention span).

Here is the word document template for the trifold bon voyage card if you’re interested!

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