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photoFor brides who chose to take on their husband’s last name, a nice way of embracing your new last name is with a monogrammed door wreath.   I came up with this design after coming across a bunch of other wreaths on Pinterest.  I found everything I needed at Michael’s and this is truly a DIY that can be done quickly and easily.

You’ll need:

6 feet or 2 yards of burlap (5 inches wide)

monogram lettering

grapevine wreath

nice paper




Place the monogram lettering onto a nice piece of paper and trace, cut and glue onto the letter. Wedge the letter inside the  wreath so that it’s tucked inside.  Take a piece of burlap, wrap it around the top of the wreath to the desired length and tie it to the door hook.  Take another piece of burlap and create a ribbon around the front of the first piece of burlap! Pinwheel flowers are optional and you can glue on many as you want wherever you want.

Here are the instructions


Last week I was invited to my very first tea party. It gave me a chance to learn some new etiquette about tea partying:

– food is meant to be eaten without utensils so they should be bite sized
– eat foods like you would at a meal, go from savory to sweet

My friend, Denny, hosted the party and did an amazing job. I had a wonderful time and even left with little homemade tea packet purses!





Have you ever considered throwing a tea party with a few girlfriends?

Succulents are plentiful here in Monterey so it’s been easy to propagate them on my own by plucking off leaves here and there. I created a couple for the house. They require minimal care and only need to be watered once or twice a wk. I used small white pebbles on the bottom to allow for drainage, then layered on Spanish peat moss and some dirt. I was able to find everything from Home Depot. Depending on where you live, air plants or other types of succulent may be hard to find so you can try Amazon to have them delivered.



Here is one that’s propagating from a leaf I pulled off a larger plant.


I sorta have a black thumb when it comes to gardening. Basil plants always die on me. These are the only paper whites that bloomed out of the four bulbs I picked up from Walmart last fall. I had to snap a picture of it as proof. Right now I have a rosemary plant on my kitchen window sill but its starting to have that wilty look…



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