photoFor brides who chose to take on their husband’s last name, a nice way of embracing your new last name is with a monogrammed door wreath.   I came up with this design after coming across a bunch of other wreaths on Pinterest.  I found everything I needed at Michael’s and this is truly a DIY that can be done quickly and easily.

You’ll need:

6 feet or 2 yards of burlap (5 inches wide)

monogram lettering

grapevine wreath

nice paper




Place the monogram lettering onto a nice piece of paper and trace, cut and glue onto the letter. Wedge the letter inside the  wreath so that it’s tucked inside.  Take a piece of burlap, wrap it around the top of the wreath to the desired length and tie it to the door hook.  Take another piece of burlap and create a ribbon around the front of the first piece of burlap! Pinwheel flowers are optional and you can glue on many as you want wherever you want.

Here are the instructions