20130408-151603.jpgI describe myself as a “traveler” so I think it’s time for me to start delving into that.

After getting delayed on a flight, missing my connecting flight and then being forced to wait 7 hours at SFO airport for the next one, I found my way to the USO Lounge.  It’s not luxurious like many of the ‘elitist’ airline lounges but it is a nice respite from sitting at a gate. To sum it up, I spent close to 5 hours chilling out on one of their leather recliners, using their reliable WIFI and snacking on the food. I even grabbed a few magazines to bring with me on the flight – one of which is the April 2013 copy of the Conde Nast Traveler.

Conde Naste is not a magazine I normally pick up (though I’m not sure why). This edition features a Grand Tour of Asia in 45 day through 12 countries. 12 countries that I would love to either visit or revisit. However, I can’t see myself going on a whirlwind adventure like that. These days, I find myself tapped out after spending 2 weeks away from home – must be part of the aging process!

I’ve seen the bulk of Europe thanks to my college study abroad experience in London. Living there enabled me to opportunistically take weekend trips that allowed me to see the continent the way I wanted to. Many college students backpack through Europe and I did a shortened version of that during my month long spring break but I realize it’s just too much to take in. I call it sensory overload. How can one truly appreciate the significance of another world-class museum, medieval church, or historic site after having just seen one a day or two ago in another city? Perhaps it’s different for everyone – different people experience culture and travel in different ways. That leads me to wonder what your style of travel is like?  Have you ever gone backpacking and was it enjoyable to city hop?