I am back in NY for a few days to see the family and take care of a few things and ended up stopping by Doughnut Plant. Plant….not Planet. I’ve been referencing it wrong for at least a year when I finally got ‘learned’!

I don’t have a sweet tooth, not a bad one anyway, but if there is one form of sweetie goodness that I am a sucker for, it’s Doughnut Plant’s coconut cream donut. I got there too late the other day and they were sold out on my favorite so I settled on trying their other yeast donuts – creme brûlée, orange blossom cream, Meyer Lemon, PB and butter cream. The creme brûlée and orange blossom were both winners, though not as awesome as my coconut cream.

I tried a popular donut spot in San Jose and it didn’t even come close. It’s probably a good thing there isn’t a Doughnut Plant location near me. It’d do some serious damage to my currently out of shape self.