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I Completely Agree With The Actual Advice Mallard.

Now this might strike you as the ultimate in self-serving advice, kind of like the arsonist selling you fire insurance, but please trust me.  I’ve written quite a bit about how to avoid the trap of spending your life savings and the college tuitions of your yet unborn children on your wedding, but photography is not a DIY subject.  Consider some scenarios that happen in real life:

Your cousin Curt has started taking photography classes at the local junior college. Good for Curt, but maybe not so good for you. Just because he has a class under his belt doesn’t make him a professional. There’s a lot more to shooting a wedding than pointing and clicking.  But he volunteers, and you think, “This is great!  Now we can spend more money on the party favors instead!” (see previous post).  Now Curt may…

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