bon voyage 1

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Since my wedding required international travel, I thought it would be nice to send out these trifold ‘bon voyage’ cards to all my guests. I made sure to do it only a couple weeks before the wedding because if you send it any earlier, there’s a good chance it’ll get lost somewhere.   I incorporated some quick facts on electricity, currency, language and cab fare to and from the airport.  I also made note of the wedding attire for guests, both for guys and girls.  I think the guys found it especially useful because we got some early questions on how formal or informal they should be  at a beach wedding.  Can they go barefoot?  Do they need a jacket?  Can they wear shorts?

You may already have all this information on your wedding website but guests will appreciate having something physical in their hands when they’re in the process of packing.

I used cream cardstock paper because I wanted it to withstand traveling in a suitcase or luggage.  I also opted to print double side and I made sure to keep it at one page (people tend to have short attention span).

Here is the word document template for the trifold bon voyage card if you’re interested!