1. love your wedding coordinator – make sure he or she is on the same wavelength as you. if you’re laid back and casual, that’s great and you’re unlikely to have issues with whomever you choose. BUT if you’re someone who checks email 20x a day and need to be efficient, then you want to make sure your wedding coordinator is going to be the type that doesn’t wait a week to get back to your emails.

2. choose a destination that’s manageable to travel to – making your friends & family fly out to your wedding is difficult enough so try to be considerate about the destination you choose. if at all possible, limit the number of transfers that is necessary (direct flights are always appreciated).

3. buffer in extra timing into you wedding schedule – all my wedding guests showed up half an hour late to my wedding. why? because the shuttle bus driver got lost and couldn’t find the venue. luckily, i had enough time buffered into the schedule and things didn’t get pushed back. i think this is applicable to all weddings as i’ve seen so many couples having to cut their photography session short because something ran behind schedule. it’s almost inevitable with so much going on that day.

4. love your photographer. what’s the point of picking a picture beautiful destination without having great pictures to capture the moment? it’s really true what they say – the only thing you’ll be left with after it’s all said and done are the pictures. look thru as many photos as possible when choosing a photographer and don’t be afraid to ask for examples of a full wedding shot from beginning to end. if you’re not totally blown away by their work on the website, that’s a red flag. what they post up ought to be their best work.

5. accommodation options – make sure you have at least two, preferably three, hotel options for your guests. for the higher end accommodations, make arrangements for room blocks for your guests.