Hiking Fox Glacier was one of the highlights of my trip. I am a fan of hiking in general but being able to do so on a glacier wearing crampons (the metal spikes that you strap onto your boots for traction on the ice) just made it that much more awesome! I want to giggle every time I say the word crampon because it rhymes with that other word – TAMPON. Ok, I know that’s immature and very juvenile of me. Anyways, back to glacial hiking. I learned a great deal of geology and the movement of glaciers and personally found it fascinating. You really get a whole new sense of appreciation for the power of nature.



Inside Fox Glacier.

Fox Glacier terminal face.


Lagging behind the group here.


Artwork by a local artist in Hokitika using rocks taken from the beach. We picked up a larger piece of rock art that’s now hanging out in my living room.

AAA-23The road thru Arther’s Pass, you can opt to take the TranzAlpine train also.