If you haven’t met with a florist yet, you’ll probably be shocked to find out how much that centerpiece that you only sort of paid attention to at everyone else’s wedding cost.  They may start at $150 and go up to $500 in major cities like NY.  Multiply that by however many tables you have and you can kiss that wedding budget of yours goodbye!

I know many brides are particular about florals at there wedding but if you think outside of the box and opt for something unique, you can get away with a much lower floral budget. Here are some ideas…

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Here is what I did for my tables.

Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1606 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1608 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1609 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1610

I held my reception at a restaurant called Screaming Eagle.  The best way to describe the decor is that it had a very miami lounge feel to it  (picture lots of white curtains and candles).  As you can see, my centerpieces were fairly minimal.  Doesn’t look like these people noticed, right?

Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-2003 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-2204 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-2177 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1991Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1868 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-2104