I have soooo many gorgeous pictures from my wedding weekend in Aruba courtesy of my awesome photographer Jerry Yoon and his wife, Ingrid.  Here are just a few to whet your appetite.

Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1010 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1076 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1167 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1185 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1138Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1403 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1434 Stephanie_Adam_Wedding-1419

I did a site visit to Aruba 7 month before the wedding and visited all the major resorts and met with a bunch of wedding coordinators.  If you’ve never been to Aruba, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s a dessert island so the eastern part of the island is not beachy at all.  The main strip of resorts are along the northwestern side of the island and consist of Palm Beach to the north and Eagle Beach just south of it.  Palm Beach is where the major brand named resorts are located – Radisson, Marriott, Hyatt, Westin, Holiday Inn.  Eagle Beach is where a bunch of the smaller boutique hotels are located so tends to be quieter.  All the beaches in Aruba are public except for one that is on a separate island.

On our visit, we noticed that a lot of the beach front in Palm Beach had eroded away resulting in very shallow sections of sand.  The idea of beach chairs 10 feet away from our wedding ceremony bothered my husband a great deal so when we found Bucuti Resort and saw that the beach stretched on and on, we were elated.  In addition, there were fewer resorts on Eagle Beach which meant less foot traffic and random onlookers walking by in their beachwear. I don’t mean to be obnoxious…I know I’m getting married on the beach  but I still prefer to minimize the number of old dudes in speedos showing up in my wedding pictures.

Nashette was my coordinator from Bucuti and she was awesome! She was responsive on email (something that is crucial when planning a destination wedding cause you can’t always sit down to Skype).  She was with me the entire day and even though I switched venues for the reception and moved it to a restaurant called Screaming Eagle, she stuck with me to the end.  Without her prodding me to do my bouquet toss or cutting the cake, I would not have been able to enjoy my wedding day to the fullest.  To that end, I think a day-of-wedding coordinator  is crucial to alleviating the pressure and keeping things moving on schedule. I’ve known so many couples who didn’t coordinate their timing well and have had to skip the wedding photos or cut it short.  That’s such a shame when you’ve spent so much time and money on looking pretty and hiring a photographer for the day.

I’ll be posting much more on all the things that went into planning my Aruba beach wedding.  If you’re considering a destination wedding in Aruba, please feel free to drop a note. I would love to help answer any questions.